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Sol Survivor Editor- Getting Started

The Sol Survivor Editor FAQ is a work in progress.  I am posting this Getting Started guide to help people dive in.  If you have questions, please post them in the Steam Forums and I will reply there and update this post.

Getting Started

1. Locate Improv.exe in the Steam Game Directory

Locate the new Improv.exe editor file in the Steam Game Directory

2. From the Entities Box, right click on the SolSurvivorEditor project and select Add New Entity

 Select the SolSurvivorEditor project and create a new Level Entity

3. Name your new level, don't use any special case characters

Name your level

4. Double click the level in the Entities list to open the Level Editor

Setting up your Level

Setting basic properties of a level

  1. Change the Environment type to one of the four possible choices.  The Terrain will not generate under the Layout Tab until an Environment is selected.
  2. Choose a Game Mode.
    • Survival and Wars do not require that you setup any Waves
    • All other game modes need you to setup the Waves that will attack the player in the Waves Tab
  3. Don't forget to give yourself Starting Mass.  I suggest 100 as a starting point.
  4. Change the Name and Description fields to make your level recognizable.
    • I suggest adding a text version like Spiral Doughnut v1.0

Playing your Level

  • Once you have layed out a level, you can play it by Exporting it.  
    • Press the Export button on the Properties Tab.  
    • The level will be copied to your Custom Maps directory (located in %APPDATA%\SolSurvivor\Maps\).  
  • Now start up Sol Survivor, create a Multiplayer game of the GameMode that you setup in the Properites Tab and your level will appear on the Dropdown.
  • Each time you press Export, it will create a unique Versioned level file.  
    • I suggest changing the name and description each time you export so you don't get them confused.
    • You can press the Delete Previous Versions button to delete all previous versions.  This does not delete your level, only the Exported copies.


The next step

Check out the next step: Layout on the next blog.


Procedural Infestation Generation in Retrovirus

On our team we have one level designer and one level artist.  That makes two people who work together to create all of the content that goes into our singleplayer campaign.  As a programmer, one of my top priorities is to create tools that can save our guys time. When it came time to redesign the viral infestation on the system, I took my time so that they did not need to.



The creep growth system in Retrovirus allows the designer to place infestation anywhere and it will dynamically generate tendrils that grow over the surface.  The designer even has the power to modify many of the underlying variables governing the growth simulation allowing them change the thickness, density and other such properties of the vine-like growth.

Check out how quick and easy it is to add in infestation in one of our levels!