Steam Indie Strategy Bundle, New Website, and More!



Sol Survivor is being featured in massive sale bundle, along with a handful of Steam’s top indie strategy games, from September 20th until September 22nd!

Included in the package are…

Sol Survivor
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Defense Grid
Revenge of the Titans

If you’re interested in a feast of indie strategy, you can head on over to Steam and pick this 5-game bundle up for only $9.99.  Jump on Sol Survivor and play some multi-player while you’re at it!

Also, you've probably noticed our new website layout.  The old Sol Survivor stand-alone site has been folded under, and the new will stand for all of Cadenza's games.  This, of course, includes Sol Survivor, and also our unannounced second project.  We're gearing up for the announcement, and soon enough we'll have a lot going on here on our new-look site.

For now, make sure to subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook pages, and also our Cadenza News RSS for all of the latest details.

Thanks as always for your support!