PAX! The Voyage Home


We’re now back from PAX and ready to rock. 

The Wanderer received an overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees who came up and played our game! It was amazing to be able to finally show off our labor over the last two months and see people enjoying what they were playing. The experience was a blast and a huge moral boost! I wish to thank Logitech G once more for giving us the space at their booth so we could have this experience.

We left PAX with the knowledge that what we are making is on the right path and is going to be a blast to finish! Watching people for three days straight also shows you where your game needs some work and improvements. PAX was like a giant testing session for us, to see where we can push to make the game better and where we need to simplify or possibly cut. We received a lot of open and honest feedback which we have taken to heart and are acting upon.

Which leads to me to my next topic.

Development of this game is going to be very transparent. Every week I will be posting videos showing off the work in progress and any changes that are happening in The Wanderer. We want you all to get involved with our development of the game.

Here’s a link to our Youtube channel:


We’re on a tight schedule, but I am confident that we are going to be able to punch out a product that we all will be proud of and that you will want to play!

Have a great week!