Game Description

Retrovirus is a six degrees of freedom shooter which sends players into the depths of a computer on a search and destroy mission against an invasive virus.  Retrovirus is being created by Cadenza Interactive, the indie studio behind the popular tower defense game Sol Survivor.

Players take command of an antivirus program, armed with the tools necessary to erase the virus’ very existence from the system.  Movement and exploration are core to the gameplay, and players are encouraged to adapt to the demands of a world where free flight is the norm.  Of course, the virus is armed to fight back, and first person shooter combat features heavily as players test their level of comfort with movement within the machine environment.  Each player is able to customize their antivirus program with different plugins, allowing for a variety of approaches to a given situation.

The Retrovirus single player campaign focuses on the core story of the game, with the player’s goal being the eradication of the virus and the discovery of its origins.  To defeat the virus, the player must solve puzzles, engage in dogfight-style combat, and explore the depths of the virtual world.

Retrovirus also features multi-player modes, designed to engage players’ social and competitive sides.  Co-operative multi-player allows players to complete the campaign of the game with a friend, teaming up to restore the system to working order.  Competitive multi-player will focus on the core of the six degrees of freedom shooter, hearkening back to the action-oriented shooters of the late 90’s and early 00’s.

  • Discover movement within a six degrees of freedom environment, free from the limits of traditional gravity-based environments.
  • Delve into a two-layered story, exploring the real-world origins of a malicious computer virus and cleansing the inner workings of the infected system.  
  • Fight battles, complete puzzles and explore an environment built for the free-flying citizens of the computer system.
  • Customize an antivirus program, focusing on strength, speed or cunning, with weapons and utilities to suit a variety of play styles.
  • Join with a friend to remove the virus from the infected computer by playing the campaign in co-operative mode.
  • Compete against other players in a variety of multi-player modes, testing the limits of combat with six degrees of freedom.

Recent Posts

    • Patch v1.0.5748 (October 2013)

      - Optimized shaders.
      - Optimized mesh on corruption tendrils used throughout the game.
      - Added option for allowing buffered frames for mutli-gpu machines.
      - Added GPU load display to options screen for determining hardware bottlenecks.
      - Improved performance on all levels, 5-30% on most machines.

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    • Retrovirus and Sol Survivor are FREE this weekend through Steam! CadenzaSteamFreeWeekendFeaturedImage

      You read that right!

      Both Retrovirus and Sol Survivor are going to be available to play for free on Steam from the 3rd-7th! Let's get everyone and anyone to play from your brother, his friends, his friends aunts and uncles, to the ghost of Gary Gygax, to even Kevin Bacon; because at this point I think there's a connection somehow. If you wind up liking both of our games you can purchase them for 60% off during the sale!

      Be sure to jump on this deal while it is hot!

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    • Game Night 9/19 @ 6PM PST!

      Yup, we're getting Game Night back on track! Come on out for our latest session on 9/19 @ 8pm!

      Check out the group link from Steam:

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    • Enter the Oculus Rift LookingToTheFuture

      The excitement for the long awaited arrival of inexpensive Virtual Reality has been growing since the success of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter. Cadenza was one of the backers, and I've been experimenting with a Rift development unit for about a month now. It presents a fantastic view into game worlds, complete with a new set of challenges to overcome.

      The quality of the Rift device itself is very high for a development unit. It's origins as a cell phone screen taped to ski goggles is still apparent, but the solid plastic frame and quick setup go a long way to communicate that Oculus is serious about putting these in the hands of gamers. Importantly, it's comfortable to wear and can be used with headphones. The Rift is so lightweight that it's barely noticeable. Though after extended use and one's neck is beginning to feel the extra effort of looking around, it's understandable why Oculus is working to shave off grams.

      The most noticeable limitation is the low resolution. Spreading 720p over a wide field of view results in very large pixels. Oculus has already demonstrated a 1080p version at E3 this year, so it's really only a concern with these early units. The combination of low latency sensors and some fancy math behind the scenes results in very convincing head tracking. Testing on demos that poorly scale the view or buffer frames has brought on some motion sickness in minutes. But I've been able to play for hours in games with proper care given to their Rift integration. Experimenting with new demos can feel a bit like astronaut training.

      The SDK comes complete with source code and samples. Simple games could get up and running with the Rift in hours, while more complex games will require more effort to integrate. I'll go into detail on how we added Oculus Rift support to Retrovirus in the next post.

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    • Patch v1.0.5731 (July 2013)

      - Added Oculus Rift support, available in new 3D options tab.
      - Added interlaced and red-cyan anaglyph 3D modes.
      - Added weapon depth option for finer control over appearance in 3D Vision.
      - Added editor mod manager.
      - Added option to hide the Hud.
      - Added mouse axis to control bindings.
      - Added stick sensitivity and acceleration options.
      - Added vignette tint when hit with marks from other players in multiplayer.
      - Removed self damage from Seek splash off of enemies.
      - Simplified publishing workshop mods.
      - Changed video playback to Theora.

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