Friday Roundup: 10/12/12

We’re shaking things up a bit around here for our Friday posts! From now on, in addition to some interesting links from around the web, we’ll be giving a little progress report on the state of development in the Cadenza studio. Retrovirus is moving toward Beta, and we want our growing community to be able to see the new stuff we have in store.
This week, we’ve been focused heavily on menus. Great menus tie a game together into a tight package, and we’ve been working toward giving Retrovirus a great first impression.
In addition to menus, we’ve added a launcher, visible as you first start the Retrovirus release build. The launcher is a great way to keep informed on patches, blog posts and other Cadenza-related media.


On the in-game front, the entire campaign has received another level of design attention, with a focus on tying together sections of the campaign with quests and player objectives. The largest “File System” levels have received additional art attention as well, making our most open “outdoor” levels just that much closer to release.
As for what we’ve been reading…