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PAX! The Voyage Home


We’re now back from PAX and ready to rock. 

The Wanderer LIVE at PAX PRIME!

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You read that right.

Sol Survivor – Original Level Scripts

You can download here the script files that we used to create all of the levels in Sol Survivor!  

Sol Survivor Editor – Layout

This article will help you in creating the layout of a level in the Sol Survivor Editor.  If you need help getting started, check out the previous Getting Started post.

Terrain Generation

The Sol Survivor Editor uses rather unique terrain sculpting system.  The Terrain is random, but you still have some controls to get it to behave how you want.  We are going to start with Terrain Generation.  

Terrain Generation

The terrain panel gives you the ability to create Terrain Nodes which push and pull at the terrain to create features where you want them.  It also allows you to modify the generation parameters for the random terrain.  Lets take a look at what each of these controls do:

Terrain Node Controls

  • Terrain Node – Create: Clicking creates a new terrain node under the mouse.
  • Terrain Node – Remove: Clicking removes the terrain node your mouse is closest to (be careful!)
  • Terrain Node – Move: Click and drag to move the terrain node your mouse is closest to
  • Terrain Node – Elevate: Click and drag up and down to change the altitude of the terrain node.  This will push and pull the terrain at this spot.
  • Terrain Node – Resize: Click and drag up and down to change the radius of the terrain node.  This will cause the node to influence more or less area.

Terrain Generation Properties 

  • Seed: Changes the starting point of the random generation.  Change this until you find a starting point you like.  A given seed will always produce the same result.
  • Scale: How high the mountains go.
  • Offset: Where the water line is – you probably will not need to change this unless your level drops deep into the ground.
  • Canyonism: Tweaks the slope of the hills and mountains.  Ranges between 0 and 1.
  • Smoothing: Higher values smooth out the terrain… Ranges between 0 and 5
  • Frequency: This changes the size of the features in the terrain.  Use 2 or 3 for rolling hills and 4 or 5 for rocky mountains.  

Interactivity: these affect how low the camera can go and the minimum altitude for turrets.   You probably don't need to change these.

Note that you will need to press the Generate button on the Viewer below these controls sometimes to get your changes to take effect (because the tool behaves wonky).  The following is a quick sample:

Sample Terrain generated in the Sol Survivor Editor

For the purposes of this example, I used the Terrain Node Controls to create two large Terrain Nodes and used them to create a mountain where there was not one before:

Path Layout

Now, lets look at how to create the path that the Creeps will run down.  The path or roads carve themselves into the terrain, so you don't have to worry about getting the terrain perfect.

Path Node Controls

  • Path Node – Select: Clicking selects a path node so you can change it's properties.
  • Path Node – Create: Clicking creates a new path node under the mouse.
  • Path Node – Remove: Clicking removes the path node your mouse is closest to (be careful!)
  • Path Node – Extend: Click to add a new path node from the last selected one.
  • Path Node – Link: Click on one and then a second node to link them together.  Use this to join paths.
  • PathNode – Unlink: Click one node and then a second node to unlink them.  use this to un-join paths.
  • Path Node – Move: Click and drag to move the path node your mouse is closest to
  • Path Node – Elevate: Click and drag up and down to change the altitude of the path node. 
  • Path Node – Resize: Click and drag up and down to change the radius of the path node.  The path turns red when it is too small for the creeps to fit down it.


Path Node Properties

  • Type: One of: [None, Spawn, Colony].  Enemies will spawn from the Spawn Nodes and will move downstream of the path toward Colony Nodes.  You will see the Node change when you change this property.
  • Code: This is used if want to have creeps from different spawn points use the same path and then turn at different links.
  • Player: The player index in multiplayer who is responsible for these creeps
  • Block Building: Turrets cannot be placed on this path if true.
  • Link: Allows you to set conditions for when creeps turn from one link or another
  • Dropship Angles: make sure the dropships don't go through a mountain.