About Cadenza Interactive


Cadenza Interactive, Inc. is an independent ('indie') game developer based in south Orange County, California. The first talks about founding Cadenza happened in December of 2006. Started as a group of friends with a history of independent projects, we have come to encompass more than a dozen people working in various capacities toward a common goal. Driven by a commitment to making only the games we'd want to play, we set out in September 2008 to make our first attempts at professional game development. Cadenza formally became a corporation in the state of California on September 28th, 2009. With no prior professional experience, our three core team members quit full-time work and took the challenge on head-first. A year and a half later, on March 15th 2010, we saw the culmination of our hard work in the form of the release of Sol Survivor to Steam.

Since then Cadenza has been developing a second title, Retrovirus, and has relocated to northern Orange County.


Interested in getting in touch with Cadenza? Investment opportunities, media inquiries, industry contacts and player e-mail are all welcome! Contact Rex Hatch, our Community Manager


The Team

Business Development Team

Rex Hatch

Rex Hatch - CEO, Business Manager & Founding Member - Rex serves as a Project Manager and Coordinator for the Cadenza Team. Rex provides value by analyzing the business and market to merge technology and business case into an engaging user experience. Rex is a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry with many years of service to The Walt Disney Company.

KJ Cabodi

KJ Cabodi - Legal Counsel & Founding Member – KJ is a senior partner with K.J. Cabodi at Small, Henstridge, Cabori, & Pyles, LLP. He is a founding member and is the primary legal counsel for Cadenza Interactive, Inc. KJ has 30 years of transactional and trial experience, with special emphasis in handling high exposure claims. He serves as an Arbitrator and Judge Pro Tempore in the California courts, and also acts as a private mediator. He is a member of the Southern California Defense Association, the Orange County Bar Association, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, The Federation of Insurance Corporate Counsel and is admitted to practice before California State Courts, the U.S. Supreme Court and all federal courts. He is also a member of the National Eagle Scout Association. A 1978 graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, he associated with an Orange County civil litigation firm before associating with Small, Henstridge in 1981; he became a full partner with SHCP, LLP in 1985.

Primary Development Team

Spencer Roberts

Spencer Roberts – CTO, Gameplay & Network Programming & Founding Member - Heading up the technical team, Spencer is the driving force behind Cadenza.  He has used his Masters in Computer Science to develop digital media storage systems at Amazon.com and on autonomous vehicle command and control systems for Aeromech Engineering.

Erik Saulietis

Erik Saulietis - Creative Lead: Digital Artist (Primary environmental & lighting artist, modeler, texture design and animator) & Founding Member –  Leading the creative team, Erik is the principal production artist at Cadenza. His degree from the University of California, San Diego, entrepreneurial/business passion, & leadership ability are essential to the vision of Cadenza Interactive. His interest in game development originated from years of creative projects with his closest friends from his childhood years through college years. Erik directly manages a team of artists and is active in developing the in-house tool set 'Paragon,' in tandem with the coding team.


Matt Enright

Matt Enright - Graphics & Tools Programming - Matt created game engines while completing a B.S. in Computer Science Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Now he develops advanced graphics and tools for Cadenza and is directing the team's next project.


Nick Mazmanian –  Writer (Game Narrative), Story Development & Design, The Wanderer Project Director

Jonathan Peros - Audio Department Team Lead (Retrovirus), Music Composition & Sound Artist, The Wanderer Producer


Ben Hosac - Digital Artist, Concept Design, Modeler, Texture Design, UI development and Animator

J.J. Franzen – Animator & Animation Tools Consultant


Contributing & Past Team Members

Zen Josey – Character Voice Actress 

Randy Merkel

Randy Merkel - Programming, Business Development & Founding Member – Masters Degree in Computer Science Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Randy actively works with the business development team and alongside the programming team.

Dylan Barker - Game Systems Designer, Level Designer, & Writer - Games started for Dylan as a means to self-entertain, and transformed into a competitive and creative outlet as he journeyed through school.  He has been designing games for Cadenza for three years, and is now the primary level and game designer for Retrovirus.  His creative journey with Retrovirus is teaching him the value of learning something new every day.

Bryan Carter - Website Development & Tools Programmer

Patrick Brousard - 2D Texture + 3D Prop Artist

Chad Williams - Additional Programming

Mark Paddon - Additional Programming

Arnie Serigstad - Audio Department Team Lead (Sol Survivor), Music Composition & Sound Artist

Matt O'Connor – Environmental & Creature Concept Artist, Modeler

Jason Ancheta – Game Systems Designer, AI Scripter

Tim Goya – Additional Programming